Working With Annie – Buying

  • Market Analysis

Buying a home starts with clear, accurate market analysis to help you understand current market conditions. Based on your market and requirements, we will analyze the current markets trends and your requirements. We will help to get the home search clearly and identify the best area for you.


  • Home Search

With this information, we can help you to find the right areas in which to search for a new home.  We are deeply familiar with the mid-Peninsula and South Bay areas and we can help you find the best neighborhoods and school districts for you and your family.

  • Document Review

Homes for sale come with a disclosures and reports that state the condition of the house, known hazards, problems and anything that may affect the value of the property.  Reviewing the documents will let the buyer what to expect when buying the house.

  • Licensed Contractor

Our team of licensed contractors can give you estimates for updates and remodeling before making an offer for the home.  This helps buyers to make the best-informed decision before a home purchase.

  • Making an Offer

A good offer for a home involves not only the price, but the terms of the offer, quality of financing and reputation of the agent.  Our team has strong negotiation skills, experience in multiple-offer situations and has earned a good reputation for seeing deals through.  These are advantages in a competitive market.

  • Escrow

Escrow refers to a process where a neutral third party holds funds, documents and other items required for the transfer of real estate until the conditions of the sales contract and escrow instructions are met.  In Northern California, title insurance companies usually handle escrow for residential transactions.  The escrow process helps to ensure good accounting, record-keeping, security and impartiality.  Our team members will work with you through escrow until all conditions are met and the sale is “closed.”

Working With Annie

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