Annie offers superb negotiating skills, efficient marketing strategies and detailed accurate market research. She helps customers seize the best buying and selling opportunities.

“Annie is one of the best in this field”

Simply put, Annie is one of the best in this field. She knows the market very well, understands different cities’ rules and special quirks, and most importantly, she can form her own opinion and help you make the right decision. For example, she would ask me pay more attention to flood zone or airplane line if the property is in Foster City. She would also ask me to check if the unit has washer/dryer. She even knows if a place has rental restrictions by just reading the address. I’ve learnt a lot from her and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

– Ms. Zhai

“I can’t say enough great things about her. “

Annie is wonderful! I can’t say enough great things about her. She’s incredibly responsive and has a great relationship with every agent she meets. That’s vital in this competitive market. Annie understands the market and the pros and cons of a given area. She’s very upfront and honest about your odds of success and where you should focus your efforts. Highly recommended!

– Scott

“Annie is really responsible and responsive.”

Overall, Annie is really responsible and responsive. She plans the route for us to visit the homes we are interested in every week. Also, she provides the knowledge and expertise to the table that we don’t have. She made us think of a many things that we didn’t even consider at the very beginning. She didn’t only deliver what we wanted, but she thought about what we needed.

After the closing of the deal, she also provided quite a lot of help in terms of finding the gardener, the key man and gave us some recommendations on yard design.

All in all, she is a really good agent that we will recommend to any of our friends. Last but not least, she is bilingual in both English and Mandarin.

– zuser20140616122009218

“Annie is easily the best real estate agent I’ve ever worked with!”

Annie is easily the best real estate agent I’ve ever worked with!

A humble listener, Annie was able to give me helpful suggestions on selecting optimal locations and houses after carefully hearing from my preferences and financial conditions. During open house visits, with great patience she explained to me on how to evaluate the quality of the property. While some of it might have been due to luck, Annie helped me identified a single-family home that meets all my expectations and preferences within TWO WEEKS since the start of my search. Needless to say, she helped me go through the paperwork with great efficiency as well.

I am now officially a happy home owner :). Thank you Annie!

– jianchen85

” Annie is a professional who works efficiently.”

Annie is a professional who works efficiently. It just took us one month from hunting for open houses to the close (today).

She is so patient and responsible to her clients; you can call her whenever you have questions and she is almost 24/7. When she took us to the houses, Annie gave us kind advise like the disadvantage of the house instead of keeping telling us how good the houses were. And she could always get a fair price.

The house Annie helped us buy is the first house that we gave offer, and the price is within our budget. We wrote this review not only to thank Annie as her client, but also to support her as her friend.

– hlf0319

“Annie is the most professional agent.”

Annie is the most professional agent we have ever met during out house hunting. During the time, we tried 4 different agents in the Bay Area, and finally we chose Annie as both my wife and I believe she is extremely knowledgeable, experience, and considerate. We really appreciate her time taking (and even pushing us to go to check out houses when we are lazy, which finally proved to be valuable) us driving around the city during the weekend or weekday evenings. We enjoyed her talking about how we could remodel for every houses, and what’s the pros and cons of each house, and how much we will have to spend on remodeling after purchase. We are also impressed by how accurate she predicts the price almost every house. Annie is very hardworking that whenever we need to put an offer, we always see her working until very late, and such attitude encouraged us to also work hard in finding and researching the houses. It’s enjoyable working with her, since she is very responsive in both phones and emails. Within only 3 month and less than 5 offers, we finally got our new house, which all my friends believe it’s a great deal. Thank you Annie! I will definitely refer my friends to her given the experience.

– Jerryxe

“She is great to work with in terms of house hunting.”

Annie was introduced to us by several friends, who found their dream houses with her. She is great to work with in terms of house hunting. She can help you understand the market, prioritize expectations and evaluate the houses you are interested. She is especially helpful under this house market that you have to literally fight to get a house. I would recommend her to others.

– paigeyb

“Thank you so much Annie!”

This is more like a thank you letter to Annie. My girl friend and I never thought we could purchase a house in such a short time. Since we starting to tour houses from Aug. We got the offer accepted in 1 month, closed it in less than 18 days and most importantly got the house at price 5% lower than the market price. Thank you so much Annie! Before meeting Annie, we interviewed more than 4 agents. But this is what made us finally choose Annie. And throughout our partnership we are more convinced that we made the right decision: 1. Reputation and connections. Annie is definitely one of the top agent in Santa Clara county in terms of quantity and quality. Her connections with loan brokers and other agents helped us getting the loan much easier and increasing the chance of getting offer accepted. 2. Experience and expertise. I’m sure you heard a lot about her good communication skill, familiarity with local market and good risk control, so I would not repeat those. I think one of the most important thing is her vision of identifying the best strategy for you. To be honest, our case is not very strong(not a lot of downpayment). But she came up with good strategy for us in loan, timing and writing the offer. It did help us avoid the disadvantage and finally got the house. That’s exactly why you need a good agent. 3. Always represents the client’s interest. A lot of agent who claimed to give you high rebate will not put all the effort into your case and end up only writing offer for you when you find something interested. But Annie is totally different, she will show you the houses, helping you find the house you like and making sure you are satisfying with what you are going to get. Also she is really responsive, her effort made the transaction really smooth and we did not take one day off throughout the whole process. Most importantly she is truly representing your interest. Initially we wanted to make a higher offer because we were afraid of losing the house. But Annie suggested us to make a lower offer because she was confident with the case, which finally saved us a lot of money. Because of her expertise and great personality, I would definitely choose Annie again if we are going to sell the house or purchase another house.

– lizhen10083051

“She certainly exceeded my expectation”

I was referred to Annie by a colleague of mine who highly recommended Annie’s service. She certainly exceeded my expectation with her impressive local knowledge and masterful process expertise. As I am a first-time buyer, she guided me through the purchase process in great details and with patience. After going to various open houses in different areas around the bay, she quickly helped me understand the market and identify the ones that best fit my needs and budget. She is very passionate about the service and expertise she provides and responses very promptly to my questions and requests. Eventually, with her excellent negotiation skills, she was able to close on my dream home only after 2 months of initial contact. I highly recommend working with her.

– xinyilu2010

“She has extensive knowledge about the neighborhood and her service was excellent.”

We purchased a SFH in Cupertino recently and Annie was our agent. She has extensive knowledge about the neighborhood and her service was excellent.

We spent about 2 months seriously looking for a SFH and Annie was working with us throughout this process. She demonstrated outstanding sense about the housing market and she estimated the final prices of the houses we’ve looked at fairly accurate. This gives us confidence to trust her advice. Meanwhile, she does not force us to make decisions.

When we were negotiating on the house we eventually purchased, Annie was really helpful in negotiating counter offer and terms in our favor. Besides, she has good relationship with some loan agents which made our closing process a bit easier.

We often call her at night and she was quite responsive and we really liked this fact. And after we closed the deal, she followed up with matters such as sellers cleaning up the house, responsbile for damages due to moving, etc. This is minor but shows how Annie thinks about clients.

Overall, we are very satisfied with her service and we’d love to recommend her to our friends.

– nix kde

“Her taste is really good and skills are excellent. “

I met Annie at this beginning of the year, and I have been very happy with her. Her taste is really good and skills are excellent. She has helped us find my ‚ÄĚDream Home” and has been patient with my needs and exceeded my expectations throughout the process. For my successful offer, she can accurately determine the price. With Annie, you have the resources of a well-organized team helping you – from a lender, to several assistants, to loan person, to handymen – and not just one person.

– cicishen0416

“She always represents buyer’s interest when buying a property. “

Annie helped us buy a house ~2 years ago, we were very happy with her service and now we are buying the second house with her.

What is most important to me is that she always represents buyer’s interest when buying a property. She spent time with us checking all the properties that we were interested, and told us pros and cons of each property. She is very patient, always respects our decision and never pushes us in anything that we do not want to. The other important thing to mention is that she has strong connections and communication skills with other agents, for example, before placing an offer, she would find out details, such as how many offers the seller agent has received, what is the rough price of the house, etc. So we always know what is going on with our offer, rather than waiting in a blank state.

Now we are buying second house with Annie, she knows market really well. There are several properties we asked her how much the price might be, when it is sold out, it turned out that her estimate is very close to the sell price. We trust her judgement in housing market and how much we should put on the offer letter to maximize our interest.

Since we are so happy with Annie, so we recommended her to our friends, 4 of our friends bought houses with her and they were all happy. In all, I highly recommended Annie Zhou as your buyer agent.

– zhangdan824

“She is very honest and trustworthy “

We found Annie through a friend’s referral. It turned out she is very knowledgeable, very honest, and has great negotiation skills. In this competitive market, you definitely need to find an agent you can trust, we found her to be very honest and trustworthy. She was coaching us through the whole experience, we were able to buy our dream home within very short period of searching time. And again in this market, time is money, we are very happy about our purchase. Thanks Annie again

– tqliao

“She has been very professional, friendly and responsive – fun to work with. “

My wife and me were referred to Annie by our friend who used Annie’s service before. The first time we interviewed with Annie, she helped us understand our real needs, analyzed the market, and gave us some suggestions. We felt comfortable so very soon we decided to work with Annie. She has been very professional, friendly and responsive – fun to work with. On some of the cases where we encountered multiple bids, Annie did not push us very hard to raise the bid. She will help evaluate the situation, negotiate with seller, and always think what’s the best for us (not the best for agent) – which we appreciated a lot. Luckily after a couple of months late one of our offers was accepted. Then Annie helped us walk through the whole closing process step by step. Now we can enjoy our new home !

– jerrychen02

“Annie is a very helpful agent with more than 10+ years experiences.”

Annie is a very helpful agent with more than 10+ years experiences on real estate area. It was a nice memory the time we have been together hunting my home. Because I was a newbie here and have zero experience on house buying and loans, she explained the most important parts to me in a very efficient way. That saved me time. She provided us with the right price such that we can win the bids and more importantly without losing unnecessary money. She is very responsive and honest on all questions. In summary, I highly recommend Annie!

– coderplay

“She is very experienced and familiar with real estate market.”

Annie is a great agent. She is very experienced and familiar with real estate market in bay area. She has strong professional knowledge and negotiation skills. The buyer won’t worry about overpaying with her help. The most impressing point of Annie is her responsibility. Strongly recommend Annie to all clients.

– liusinan1010

” She is a real high efficient and reliable agent.”

We have recently purchased a house in San Jose with help from Annie. The house is in Cupertino School District and we got it with a reasonable price. She is a real high efficient and reliable agent that could help you go through the whole purchase process fast and accurately. No matter what you ask and when you ask, she will explain everything as clear as possible. We successfully closed the purchase about 1 week before the expected closing date even with the much more complicated bank policy starting from Oct, 2015 . I highly recommend her.

– hopkins1019

“She provided honest opinions and suggestions.”

We had the pleasure of buying our new house in Cupertino with Annie. She provided honest opinions and suggestions rather than trying to sell us on a home that wasn’t right for us. I felt like she heard my concerns and priorities, and I felt I could be honest with her because she is very warm and relatable. When it came to negotiating, she was on top of things with good comps and a realistic idea of what the properties were worth. After a few houses she found our dream home and negotiated an amazing deal out of it.

She was always available on weekends and holidays with little notice answering any question and making sure the process was going well.

She was very supportive, helpful, informative, reliable, available, and most importantly a good listener. I must say this. She is more of a friend than a realtor, her interest was only getting us a great home which she did. She looked for houses like how she would have for herself and that really really impressed us. I would not hesitate in recommending Annie to anyone needing representation in a real estate transaction.

– yanerrli

“Annie is the best you could ever imagine. “

There’s a reason why Annie deserves a 5 star rating. Annie is the best you could ever imagine. She has all of the qualities that you look for in an agent… professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, responsive, and hard working. Most important to me, Annie exhibits the highest degree of integrity and honesty. Annie was patiently by our side every step of the way for a two month search (!) and helped me and my wife locate our dream houses through her commitment. Annie’s presentation of our offer for the house was superb and beat out other offers! Annie is incredibly thorough in her approach and has vast knowledge of the market, and especially the process of buying a home. Annie is a highly skilled negotiator that will tirelessly go to bat for you. Annie takes the time to explain each step of the process and ensures that her buyer is informed, which made us comfortable every step of the way. Annie’s support never wavered and went far beyond what I expected from a realtor; she treated us like her only client and continuously looked out for our best interests. Annie has our very highest recommendation… We will absolutely recommend her to all of our friends and hope that we have the pleasure to do business with her again!

– shenshen0505

” She is smart, patient and listens. “

Annie helped us in our 1st-home purchase. In an intense seller’s market as in Bay area, it is extremely challenging for new professionals like me and wife to get what we wanted at the price range we can afford. Annie led us through the entire process and has been always willing to help and advise on any matter that we had question with. She is smart, patient and listens to what clients want and try her best to satisfy clients’ need. More importantly, she never pushed us to rush a decision and always wanted us to make our own decision, which I value most for a real estate agent. In addition, her professional knowledge on local housing market is precise and has very good network with other agents. The process of securing the loan is pleasant to us and she is very responsive to any concern we had during that.

I would definitely recommend Annie and in fact, I have done so to a few friends and they have been quite satisfying base on their feedback they gave to us.

– T J

“She gave advice based from the client’s perspective.”

Annie has great knowledge of the south bay area. She gave advice based from the client’s perspective. Annie is very resourceful in terms of getting the loan done, go through all the paper work, get the insurance done and everything you will occur during the buying process, you name it.

– ljxue

” I am satisfied with the whole process!”

I am a client of Annie Zhou, and I am satisfied with the whole process of the deal and satisfied with the final price and the house I bought. I already recommended Annie to some of my friends, I would like to recommend Annie to more people here at Zillow. I decided to buy a house at the end of 2014, when I had a tight schedule to sell my apartment abroad, finding a house at Bay Area, get he mortgage loan and finalize the deal, so I can have enough time for re-modeling before my plan of leaving a big IT company and to start an early startup company. I did not really expect that I can finish all these in 2 months. My initial attempt was to have a try. But if I cannot, I won’t have time to find the buy a house in the next few years, as working on starting up a company is a hard work. I appreciate Annie who is very familiar with where I should get my house. My current house has relatively low price so it must be far from where I work, but it is close to the highway, so it takes about 25 mins for me to drive my electric vehicle on the car pool lane from home to work. I used to feel urgent and wanted to bid a house well maintained, but Annie stopped me with the reason that that house is by a main street, cars running on the street would be dangerous to my baby girl. It is good to have an agent who considers more than myself and more professionally. Actually, Annie stopped more than one of my irrational attempts of bidding. I like her as a professional agent as well as a trustable consultant. The seller of the house I bought was in a rush to sell the house so she could buy another one. So she does not have time to provide a complete appraisal. I have to bid without knowing much about the quality of the house. But Annie has a lot of experience with houses, so we bid, we got it and it is good. During the bidding, Annie has intensive connection seller’s agent. So we got an ideal price. After we got the house, Annie recommended a re-modeling contractor, who is also very professional. His quote is relatively low but the quality of his work is higher than those hired by my colleagues and friends.

– yi wang 2005

” The answers she gave are always easy to understand. “

I recently purchased a home and Annie helped me a lot in the process. She was so patient to all the questions I asked. The answers she gave are always easy to understand. She took me to do open houses multiple times without any push. There were a couple of times she highly recommended me not buy a house because some potential risks which I never thought about. She was really thinking from my perspective not from her own benefit. Annie is the agent really worth trust. Definitely would love to work with her again no matter buying or selling. At least 5 of my friends bought home with Annie’s help. All of them highly recommended her.

– zoil31

” We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to land a home in bay area.”

My friend recommended Annie to us. Annie is very professional and knowledgeable in the local house market. We are the first-time home buyer and have many questions in the whole process. She and her team are always patient and responsive to my questions even when I called them in the evenings sometimes. She helped us to narrow the searching area based on our budget and requirements. During open houses, she guided us and provided many professional insights to houses which are quite helpful to first-time home buyers. We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to land a home in bay area.

– wzd105